High Point Unflighted

High Point Unflighted winners are NFSS close banded birds. Show points are tracked by leg band number as they are logged onto show reports at NFSS Sanctioned shows. The 4th VP /Judge’ s Chair (Vince Moase) has to add up all the points by leg band number at the end of each year to determine which birds win this award. “Unflighted” refers to a bird born/banded within the current year.

Fawn Grey Society (C1923 NFS 2010) , 22 points Unflighted – Morales, Hiram

Chocolate Society (D1563 NFS 2011), 12 points Unflighted – Burns, Cheryl


2012 –
Fawn Society (D0639 NFS 2011), 20 points Unflighted -Burns, Cheryl

2013 –
Chocolate Society (D753 NFS 2013), 17 points Unflighted – Burns, Cheryl

Gouldian OH WB YB (D0408 NFS 2014), 33 points Unflighted – Erwin, Laurie

Blue Faced Parrot Finch (D186 NFS 2015) , 55 points  Unflighted – Erwin, Laurie

Peales Parrot Finch,  (D0574 NFS 2016 ), 41 Pts Unflighted – Laurie Erwin

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