October/November/December 2017

President’s Message

2017 has been quite a year —  Here’s hoping 2018 is a happy and healthy year.

The Midwest just finished a string of several days – nearly two weeks – with temperatures in the single digits and lots and lots of snow —- yet, as I write, it’s mid-50’s and raining. Tomorrow it gets cold again and we’ll be under several inches of solid ice .  Our friends in Florida have experienced some record breaking low temperatures as well.  Think Spring!

One of the things already on the calendar is the Spring Board Meeting for the National Bird Show.  Several of us from around the country will gather at the Pheasant Run resort to plan the 2018 national event.   The National Show date for 2018 is November 8th through the 10th, and will again be held at the Pheasant Run Resort – the site of the prior years’ event.  Please pencil that date in on your calendar – also think about volunteering a one or two hour block of time during that event to help with one of the many tasks needing done that weekend.  That might be at the registration table, the sale room, the show hall, check in/out stations when birds are arriving/departing.  It takes a lot of hands to pull off an event of this size and we can always use a few more.

Please find in the Journal a ballot regarding a proposed By Law Change.  This is a simple change in “language” of an already existing by law regarding the process this society would follow in the event the society was dissolved.  Any changes – even in spelling, punctuation, or grammar – to the By laws require a vote of the current membership.  Please exercise your right as a member to cast your vote.

Another change for this year – A hard copy of the census will no longer be published in the Journal.  It will be available on the NFSS website.  A recent issue of the National Geographic indicates 2018 is being called “The Year of the Bird” and shares that besides humans, only one kind of animal can be found on all seven continents – birds — and their populations reflect the health of the planet.  How does NFSS fit into this “picture”?   NFSS membership possesses a great amount of knowledge about finches and softbills and this is validated by our census.  It reflects our experience and knowledge and is an essential part of avian education.  Private aviculture – such as that represented by NFSS – is a great source for information regarding best practices in keeping and propagating specific species. Our Census is just one of NFSS’s contribution to supporting the welfare of birds.  Please take a moment to enter your information and be a part of this important project.

Rebecca Mikel, President