January/March/April 2017 President’s Message

Year for NFSS
2 year terms

The most important order of business the society will undertake this year is our General Election.  During the year you will be seeing various pieces of information relating to this election.  In this issue – you’ll see the summary Job Descriptions for all positions – both elected and appointed.  The only difference between those two is that “elected” positions carry a “vote” – but both, more importantly, carry a “voice”.   The next term will begin in January of 2018 and run until the end of December 2019.  Please thoughtfully consider your interest in taking on a position on the NFSS Board.  Any questions you have about a specific position can be answered by any board member.  For those of you who do not have an interest in serving on the board – may I take this opportunity to encourage you to place your vote for those who DO run?  Our hope is to be able to provide electronic ballots this year (the hard copy will continue to be available in the Journal) – which we hope will improve voter participation.

A constant concern these days for this society – as well as many other hobby groups – is how to increase membership, attendance at events and support of the hobby in general.  New individual members, as well as the development of new, local clubs who affiliate with NFSS, breathes new life into the NFSS and into aviculture.  Do you have friends who keep birds but who aren’t members of NFSS?  Are there groups of you who are fellow-bird keepers who could form a local club?  That club – through the strength of its’ members could host a local show, bring in a speaker to present a short session on an avian related topic, volunteer to help support another group hosting a show?

“Strength in Numbers” applies to us folks!  This is especially true as we closely watch animal legislation unfold, sponsored by those groups who would gladly take away our right to keep and work with birds. Roland Cristo, NFSS Legislative Liaison, has his finger on the pulse as it relates to these things.  We’ve also added the efforts of another volunteer – Brent Gattis – who has a strong professional background  advocating against this type of legislation in Washington, D.C.   Watch for articles related to legislative activity in future issues of the journal.

Happy Birding!

Rebecca Mikel, President