President’s Message

As I sit down to write this, I’m just back from the Spring meeting of the National Bird Show Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of a group of people from across the United States who represent a number of clubs and a variety of birds. It’s a long weekend and our only opportunity to meet as a group to plan the current years’ event.

NBS, just like any other aviculture group, is faced with budget constraints and with trying to host an event that keeps as many people as possible happy within that budget. It’s becoming increasingly difficult. There are changes this year, and we can expect more in the years to come, all necessary if this event is to continue and we all need to do our part to support this event in any way possible.

As mentioned in prior years that “support” may be in the form of a financial donation, an offer of help at the event, or perhaps placing an ad in the Show Catalog, etc. Is YOUR club affiliated with NBS? The NBS board has no choice but to make sure they don’t SPEND more than they MAKE; so if you attend the event and see changes– please remember this club, just like any other, is working with a limited budget.

Some of you asked about NBS making disposable cardboard show cages available at the show. While the NBS is not in a position to purchase, store, or transport these cages, they “heard” your concerns about the cost of shipping your show cages to the show site and home again. As a result, they are working to find vendors who are able to make these available at the show site.

Some of you have also asked about the option of purchasing the electronic secretary sheets used at the National Event. This program is one the NBS purchased and is copy-righted. It is also being “tweaked” each year and considered to be in the “development” stage. The NBS Board did discuss this and felt, while it may be an option in the future, they do not feel it’s a product yet worthy of marketing and sales efforts at this time. If and when it’s made available for re-sale, they want to make sure it’s the best product possible and you can be assured your money was well spent.

One change you will notice this year, at least for those of you who preregister, is the packet mailed to you will not include the Show Catalog. The NBS board felt the increasing costs of postage for mailing the catalog was becoming cost prohibitive. As a result, your catalog will be available in your Exhibitor Packet available for pick up at the Registration Desk when you arrive; show classifications will be available on the NBS website for those of you wishing to complete your tags prior to traveling to the show.

The event will continue to be held at the Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles (Chicago-land), Illinois and their date will be two (2) weeks prior to Thanksgiving. Hopefully this consistency in location and dates will help you better plan to attend the event. While some may wish to see the event “travel” between locations from one year to the next, remaining at the St Charles location does provide a significant cost savings.

The goal of the NBS board is to be able to not only continue to provide an annual event, but one that continues to be the premier aviculture event in the country. It takes ALL of us – not just the NBS Board to make this happen. So, as you begin to consider the details you need to take care of in order to be able to attend, please add one more item to your list: “What can I do to help make this event the best it’s ever been.”
Rebecca Mikel