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©Chris Maynard www.featherfolio.com

April/May/June 2017 NFSS JOURNAL President’s Message


Plans for the 2017 NCBS are well underway and the NCBS Board have been busy bees with preparations for another fantastic event. Our event will continue to be hosted by the Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles, Illinois; our new date this year is October 26-28th. As with prior years, there will be over 18 divisions and thousands of birds of the highest quality exhibited. The National Event is also the gathering place for over 25 Specialty Societies and their members.

And, to kick off the weekend, NFSS is once again hosting “The Afternoon of Aviculture,” made available by the sponsorship of the Finch Society of San Diego, California. Please stay tuned for more details about this event and pay close attention to the announcements in this, and future, issues of the Journal.

While I currently serve as President for this society, I am also a member of the Board for the National Bird Show. As a member of that group, I attend their annual Spring Meeting and attempt to share relevant information with you from that meeting. Discussion at that 2 day meeting resulted in some Show Rules changes you will need to be aware of – IF you are exhibiting birds at the 2017 event. (Please feel free to contact me directly for questions, concerns, or clarification about any of this):

Rules 5 and 9 were revised after multiple requests to consider that NBS become a “Bred by Exhibitor” only show. The NBS Board considered all aspects of how this would affect the attendance and outcome of future shows. While the Board understood the logic of maintaining a breeder show, it also was sympathetic to those exhibitors just starting to show and does not wish to be exclusive. As a result, the following has changed to discourage buying birds just to show and rewarding those that have bred their own stock. Rule 5 previously stated that entries have to be the bona fide property of the exhibitor for at least thirty (3) days prior to the show. This period has now been revised to 365 days prior to the show. Rule number 9 stated that all Division winners would compete for the upper level awards (Anchor, Song and Scannell). This has been revised to state that all Higgins winners will go on to compete for the upper level awards. This will help promote Bred and Banded as well as curb purchasing birds with the intent to show them. (Parrots and Finches are excluded from the “bred and banded by exhibitor” requirement).

Prior to the show there will be online purchasing available on the website. An online form, payment and new deadlines will be announced soon as well as instructions. This will aid in the lag between the deadline and the show and allow items to be prepared in advanced and estimated more efficiently. Those of you who are current NBS members received the letter regarding the new Judge selection process. This will go into effect in 2018.

Pheasant Run is currently putting together a perpetual contract for NBS. Details will be finalized soon and NBS will have a permanent date and it looks like it could likely be in November. Look for details to come soon.

Divisions will assume some additional responsibilities. Those include;

♦ distribution of awards ♦ verification of show report and ♦ data entry on the secretary spreadsheets etc.

This means if we want to have a successful show, we’re going to need more volunteers to help out pre/during/post show times.

If you are an NBS member – look to the upcoming NBS Newsletter for more detailed explanation of these items and more. I will be responsible to share this information on the NFSS yahoo and Facebook pages as it becomes available.

Happy Birding

Rebecca Mikel