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Last Updated 11/08/2019
All Aviaries listed here are currently in business

Fancy Finch NJ

Small breeder specializing in Gouldian Finches.

Green back, blue back, yellow back, and silver back Gouldian Finches.
All NFSS banded.

Hansen's Aviary
Hansen’s Aviary

Hansen’s Aviary Oregon
Parent raised Gouldians
Email:   Phone: 503-581-8208
Shipping Available – Delta Airlines

3rd & 4th 2019 Oregon’s Regional Show


High Society Finches

Darrell & Theresa Michels
Phone: 503-602-1447
Small breeder specializing in Euro, Pearl, American Self and Pied Society Finches.

Note: We DO ship via United Cargo – PetSafe.

Northwest Bengalese Finches

Northwest Bengalese Finches

Ivan Montes
Phone: (425)-387-2097
Specializing in Society Finches
American Selfs and Pieds, Japanese Pearls and Frills, Albino, Creamino, Dilutes and European Selfs

Shipping is available.

Happy Bird Place

Currently mainly breeding a small number of gouldian finches, societies, star finches, shaft tails, turquoisine grasskeets, scarlet chested grasskeets, and bourkes.  Other species may be available. Feel free to email me to inquire.
Shipping is available.


Blue Ribbon Finches

Phone: (575) 499-3401
Hobby breeder of Society Finches, Zebra Finches, Java Sparrows and Button Quail.

Shipping available through USPS. Quality birds at great prices!

Davis Lund Aviaries
Specializing turacologoin Softbill Birds

Specializing in Softbills & Zoo-type birds. We have been raising softbills for almost 20 yrs & are currently working with over 25 different softbill species. Occasional surplus for sale.
Shipping by airlines.

Author of “Mousebirds In Aviculture”, contributing author of “Hand-Rearing Baby Birds”, and several magazine articles. Turacos, Mousebirds, Hornbills, Barbets, Tanagers, Babblers, Starlings, and More.

 Lady Gouldianlg
Laraine McGinnis
Specializes in Lady Gouldian Finches. Has been breeding for 18 years. Shipping through airlines only. Website contains information on Lady Gouldians, Canaries and most information pertains to all finch species. e-commerce accepts major credit cards. US Importer for Dr. Rob Marshall’s Health Products, also carries Morning Bird, Twin Beaks and many other national brands.
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New World Ranch Aviary
Show Quality Society Finches
Cheryl Burns

The Gouldie Hatch
Carol Aitken

We have been breeding Gouldians & Societies since 1997. Many of these birds have earned Top Bench status in NFSS sponsored bird shows. My birds are bred in individual breeding cages, so the parents can always be confirmed. Extensive records are kept and a certificate comes with each Gouldian purchased showing it’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Many repeat customers due to healthy stock. Call for further information.

DANNO'S LADYAdDanno’s Lady Gouldian’s
New hobby breeder of Lady Gouldian Finch, Normal Green Backs and Yellow Backs. My birds are all bred indoors in individual cages so parents can be verified. All chicks are NFSS closed banded. I do sell my juveniles from prior breeding seasons but don’t usually ship but arrangements can be made if interested in purchasing.I have a great strong stock and blood line from a well known breeder in Tuscon Arizona.
Danny Messina,

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