President’s Message

Our world, and as a result, our hobby has changed in a great way since early 2020. The Covid-19 virus has resulted in cancelled shows, avian events, personal travel, air travel options for us AND our birds, and even the cancellation of the 2020 National Bird Show.  While we hope this becomes just a “distant memory”; it’s hard to say just how long things will remain as they are……and we keep hearing the words “new normal”.

NFSS was able to host a “virtual” bird show through the generosity of Bill Parlee, NFSS Founder,  Board Parliamentarian, and former NFSS Panel Judge. It was a positive event for exhibitors, increases in membership, and sharing of knowedge . Thank you to each of you who took the time to take and submit photos, to Bill for Judging, and to Lauren Ogburn for the donation of the beautiful trophy for our first place winner. Bill will be writing an article for the Journal which covers all the specifics, so I’ll not comment more at this time.

Your prior NFSS Journal contained a Pro-Tem Election Ballot for Region 2 Vice-President, and for 3rd Vice-President in charge of FinchSave and the Census.  If you are a current member, please take the time to cast your vote.  This membership vote is a requirement of our current by-laws.

Hoping each of you have a happy and productive summer.

Rebecca Mikel, President