President’s Message

By the time this Journal is in the hands of our membership, another National Bird Show will be behind us.  I hope each of you were able to attend and  enjoy viewing the birds on display,  purchase exactly what you needed from the many vendors and spend time with bird friends we get so few opportunities to visit with outside of the National show each year.

2019 is a General Election year for the NFSS Board of Directors as well.  Results are usually announced at the National Bird Show, but due to scheduling changes, these results will not be available until after that event.  Results will be posted on the NFSS Website and in the Journal.  I hope each of you voted in this very important election.   “Voter turnout” has not been stellar in prior years.  You will also note that some of the positions were blank — 2nd Vice President in charge of Publication; Advertising, and Paula Hansen is always looking for someone to take on the position of Web Master which she is currently covering .  If you’re interested in any of the open positions, please contact any Board member for more information.

Contact information for all Board members as well as for any persons currently on the NFSS Judge’s Panel are included in each issue of the Journal.  This should assist you in knowing how to contact judges for your next show, or any Board member, should you have questions about the society.

Our hobby is not as popular as it once was and numbers are declining.  We encourage each of you to reach out to those in your circle, or in your area, and have a meaningful discussion about what you may be able to do to promote and support not just the NFSS, but the hobby.  Do you have the means to perhaps host a show?  What about hosting a “meet and greet” in your community and letting others see some of the beautiful birds you’re working with.  Just a couple things that provide some exposure to the hobby we all care so much about.


Rebecca Mikel, President