During these unprecedented times, with the COVID-19 pandemic, NFSS is encouraging all clubs and participating exhibitors to keep updated with the guidelines issued by their state, local and federal health agencies throughout the year. These guidelines and recommendations are going to be fluctuating as the year goes on. It shall be up to the local clubs to keep awareness of, and follow guidelines and recommendations in their community, and potential show venues.
In fairness to those clubs that will be adhering to any health advisories or recommendations, the board has made the decision to not award NFSS points to birds, or exhibitors, for shows in which the clubs choose to hold shows outside the limits of the current guidelines on date of show, in their specific locale. Shows that are held in accordance with local advisories and guidelines will not be affected, and points will be awarded as usual.
We hope to not to be placed in the position of taking such action as disallowing points.
The NFSS is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our members, exhibitors, judges and spectators. Please be safe.