Show Classification & Secretary Sheets

Show Classification & Secretary Sheets

Here’s a link to download formatted classifications for the Show Catalog/Exhibitor/Stewart/Judge to use:

Used as hand-outs to exhibitors to complete their show cage tags. There should be a person assigned
to help classify birds into the correct classification. Novice to place a “N” at the upper right hand corner of the show tag. Junior’s place a “J” in the upper right hand corner.
See last page of this document.
If the exhibitor and classifier are not sure how to classify a bird, leave that to the NFSS judge who will determine which correct class the
bird should be placed in. Judges will do this during their preliminary walk-through. The judge will make hash-marks on his copy the classification sheets during his walk-through.

Here’s a link to download formatted Show Secretary Sheets:

Show Secretary Sheets: Each sheet allows multiple cage numbers to be entered from the show tag next to each specie. Each classification lists old or young. Young must have the current year dated on the closed band. If no band or the band is split the bird is automatically classified as old class.  Old class will have odd numbers and young even numbers on the classification sheets. These numbers are entered on the cage tag and in the secretary sheets. This format is only used by the secretary during the show. The secretary can enter all show cage numbers into the correct classifications. This is another way to be sure no bird is left behind on the ready table during the judging. Steward will bring up cages and either the steward or judge will announce the numbers to the secretary. It is the secretary’s responsibility to double-check the stewards that all cages are on the show bench for that class, section or division.

NFSS prints all sanctioned NFSS shows in the journal the preceding year.

Show points: The points table is found here: