Krystyna Tapp

Advertising & Promotion Manager
Journal Editor
Krystyna Tapp

Advertising & Promotions Manager

Krystyna A Tapp is an entrepreneur, lifelong learner, daughter of a published author, wife, and mother of 4 amazing adult children.  Krystyna has been a volunteer for SCORE, another non-profit organization that assists people in starting and growing their business.  She was also a professional photographer, having managed and owned her own photography business.  Currently her birds and the great landscapes of our country take precedence over the strife of portrait business.

The love of birds has long been a part of her life.  While in Southern California she worked on a bird farm assisting with the care and feeding of large hook bill parrots as well as assisting her aunt with handfeeding cockatiels for her pet shop.  Not surprising that while raising her own young ones she began a second chapter of her bird journey with a pair of Zebra Finches in Colorado.  Since that time she has co-owned a printing and promotional business where she conquered the challenges of design and layout for a variety of clients.  This skillset has followed her throughout her career and is currently being used with work at the ISODC (International Society for Organization Development and Change).  At the ISODC, also a 501(c)(3), she is the publication editor for the Organization Development Journal and one of the admin for the organization.  Here she works with advertisers/sponsors for the journal, invoicing through PayPal and keeping their subscriptions up-to-date.

She studied business at Colorado Technical University and looks to continue her growth in assisting others in business with non-profit being her niche.  She upholds strong ethical and moral business beliefs and will bring much to any business.  She is a team player and understands the unique challenges of working with a non-profit business.  Krystyna is creative, talented and organized; she takes direction well and is a self-starter.


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