Bob Peers – 2nd Vice President

2nd Vice President
Judge's Panel
Bob Peers – 2nd Vice President

I started breeding then exhibiting finches after I retired from the Navy in 2001. I have been lucky living in the Chicagoland area where there are multiple bird fairs every month which I attended on a regular basis and quickly grew to know many of the people involved with birds in the Midwest.

In order to learn about finches I have kept and bred a fair number of species available to include zebra, societies, gouldians, shafttails, diamond firetails, cherry finches, javas, silverbills, nuns, waxbills, serins, crimson pileated, parrot finches and several species of doves. Show zebras is something I have bred for many years and I have kept nearly all the mutations available in the United States and birds imported from Holland and England.

When the position became vacant I joined the Board of Directors of the National Finch and Softbill Society as Awards Manager. I have also been elected as 1st VP and President. I am currently a NFSS Panel Judge and enjoy the opportunity to help people understand more about the birds they keep.

Bob Peers, 2nd Vice President
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