Open Leadership Positions – 2017 Election

Open Leadership Positions – 2017 Election

NFSS current position will have openings on the BOD 1/2018

  • Regional VP 1-  Vacant

Position description per NFSS by-laws: PARAGRAPH SEVENTEEN
Regional Vice-Presidents: Shall be responsible for encouraging membership and club affiliation in the Society within the region in which he/she resides. Regional Vice-Presidents are responsible to the First Vice-President and will serve as part of the Educational Committee. Regional Vice-Presidents are encouraged to attend the Regional Show of their area and hold at least one membership meeting annually within their region.

Other  Open Positions

  •  President
  •  Membership Director
  •  Advertizing Director

Other board positions to consider using your talents:

 If interested and would like to run for office – please contact me.
Rebecca Mikel
NFSS President