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NFSS Member Aviaries
Finch & Softbill Save @ Facebook

Hobbyist & Husbandry Info
Finch Species Database
Softbill Species Database
Articles of Interest
Finch Aviary

NFSS Finch & Softbill Save
Red Siskin Save
Save the Gouldian Fund
Red Siskin Initiative

Affiliate Organizations
Finch Society of San Diego
American Federation of Aviculture
Avicultural Society of America
National Animal Interest Alliance
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

Legislative Info
Aviculture & Legislation – The Future Is Now – by Roland Cristo NFSS Legislative Liason
Basic Defensive Preparedness – by the AFA
Detailed Info About Avian-Related Legislation & How to Make a Difference – by the AFA
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

Corners Limited
Foreign Bird League
Just Finches and Softbills
Laraine’s Lady Gouldian – The Finch, A Breeders Companion
Oregon Feeder Insects
Paradise Earth
Red Bird
Save the Gouldian Fund
West Coast Zebra & Society Finch Show

Avian Enthusiasts @ Twitter
The avian enthusiast community is very active on Twitter, as are the Animal Rights folks. Just like everything else on the internet, check your sources. Here is a partial list of groups we are following on Twitter. Listing here does not signify NFSS endorsement, their views contained in tweets are their own.

  • @AudubonCA – Audubon of California
  • @BirdCams – News and updates from the Cornell Lab’s BirdCams
  • @birdingvideos – Birding videos from all over the web and world!
  • @BirdLife_News – BirdLife is a global Partnership of conservation organisations that conserve birds, their habitats, biodiversity & people’s livelihoods.
  • @_BTO – British Trust for Ornithology is the UK’s leading bird research organisation harnessing the skills & enthusiasm of over 40,000 volunteers to monitor UK birds.
  • @CageAviaryBirds – Cage & Aviary Birds, established in 1902, is the world’s only weekly newspaper dedicated to birdkeeping. We are published every Wednesday.
  • @CanaryTypes – Canary and Finch Society is a non-profit educational organization. Our purpose is to promote all caged birds.
  • @CornellBirds – Cornell Lab for Birds
  • @CornellHawks – Cornell Lab for Hawks
  • @eFinch_tweet –; Dedicated to the care and breeding of Finches in aviculture as pets. We also celebrate finches in the wild and encourage their protection.
  • @FinchFriends – Finch Friends Aviary
  • @FtWorthBirdClub – Fort Worth Bird Club is a diverse group of people who love birds. Meetings are 2nd Sundays @ 2pm at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden Center. Open to the public.
  • @garybogue – Gary Bogue; Curator Emeritus at Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Worked in wildlife rehabilitation. Retired daily pet/wildlife columnist (42 years) Contra Costa Times. Also authored 5 books.
  • @Nutriberries – Lafeber Company: Encouraging your bird’s good taste & intelligence. Nutri-berries, Avi-cakes, Nutri-meals, & more! Our mission: Conservation & bird care.
  • @NYCanaries – Canaries. In. New. York. George Keeley, 485 Amsterdam Ave. New York City
  • @sapsuckerwoods – Short updates about what’s happening in Sapsucker Woods, home of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • @ssisok – Stephani Spruill; Interests: Family, my grandsons, service dogs, standard poodles, zebra finches, cooking, survivors of Bacterial Meningitis with balance issues.
  • @Weluvbirds – NRDC and Cornell Labs have partnered to create a social networking site for birders, happy birding!
  • @WCZSFS – West Coast Zebra & Society Finch Show; A Specialty Finch show for Zebra and Society Finches held in Sacramento, CA every July.

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