Legistlative Alert Boston 5/11/17

Banned in Boston From Mass. Cage Bird Society and http://usark.org/2017-action-alerts/action-alert-ma-s490/

– Banned in Boston, or potentially so according to an official of the Mass. Cage Bird Association; would be all parrot shows, marts, fairs or home exhibits and meetings if Massachusetts S490 passes. The

apparently animal rights driven bill would curtail the exhibition of animals outside of permanent facilities such as zoos.Specifically mentioned are ratite birds (defined as mostly flightless birds including ostriches, kiwis, rheas and emus) but a “not limited to” phrase is also in the bill. Similar
bills, sb 1898 and hb418. The hearing was on May 2. Interested parties should write to their state legislators, as written comments will be considered before the final vote is taken on May 16. – From Mass. Cage Bird Society and http://usark.org/2017-action-alerts/action-alert-ma-s490/.

UPDATE: Hearing on Tuesday, May 2 at 1:00 PM Massachusetts State House Hearing Room B-1 24 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02133 Massachusetts S490