The National Finch and Softbill Society’s Annual Census was started in 1984. Its purpose is to collect information about the numbers of each species kept in captivity and of those the number being bred. The results of the Census will be available online and in the NFSS Journal.

The census is open to both NFSS members and non-members.  Participants remain anonymous no names are included in the census. Only NFSS members will have access to this Data.

Please take a few moments to contribute your breeding birds, offspring in the NFSS Annual Census. Help complete this picture of your progress in Aviculture last year.

 Any problems or questions report to the Finch Save Director.


  •  Any field you have no answer, leave that field blank
  • See the “?” –  move your courser over it, this is information bubbles to help you along
  • All mutations are to be listed under their normal specie descriptions
  • Select by clicking on which specie you wish to start first in the dropdown fields.
  • Any specie not listed in the drop down fields can be listed in the next section labeled “Other Finch not Specified”
  • If you need more time to complete you can save and create an account to continue later
  • You have an option to register yourself so you can return to the form you filled out to continue at another time, however we only keep the Census open for an announced time.

Your data on your birds and region will be published in the journal only. No personal information is requested. Your NFSS member number is optional, for Finch Save Director only to contact  should they have a question.

Select by clicking on which specie you wish to start first in the dropdown fields.