This process was created to enable any NFSS member to register their Non-NFSS closed banded bird(s) to qualify to accumulate points for the Champion Bird title and it’s award. Each year all sanctioned NFSS bird shows provide the show secretary to complete the judge’s report form. They must include bird band information in the show report in order for the NFSS Judges Panel, 4th Vice President to track points over the lifetime of the bird. Be sure you enter the band information on the show tag. As a reminder our NFSS Regional shows are double points.

All awards are announced the following year at the National Bird Show, during the NFSS membership meeting.

Cross registration does require a small $5.00 fee per bird. Below the registration form you can either mail in your fee or use the PayPal link provided below . If you prefer not to use Paypal system to cover the fee you can send your check to the Band Secretary, 2234 Juneau Court S. , Salem, Oregon 97302

If you have any questions contact our 4th VP – Judges Panel

Step 1: Registration Form (Please Complete)

Step 2: Registration Fee ($5.00) per bird