Awards now can be ordered on-line using PayPal or Credit Card.

If your club is going to join or renew it’s affiliation with NFSS please see below a electronic payment process. There is additional information needed when affiliating and renewing.

First, please take a moment and complete the online affiliation form. Click the submit button when completed. A affiliation form can be updated throughout the year with club information!  On-line affiliate form

This additional information is asked for holding a Regional Show, Club ads, Marts, Events, Meetings and other club shows will be automatically listed in the NFSS quarterly Journal, and listed on our Affiliation web page on this website.

Below you will see where to make your clubs annual affiliation payment, order ribbons, plaques for shows or special awards for club events for your members.

Affiliate your club today!
Order your ribbons and plaques here:

Should you need additional assistance contact email:
All orders are exclusively for AFFILIATED CLUBS ONLY
All orders are exclusively for AFFILIATED CLUBS ONLY
Club Affiliation Fee $30.00 Yearly (March - March)Club Affiliations receive a bi-monthly subscription to the NFSS Journal. Affiliation with NFSS provides eligibility for sanctioned NFSS shows and/or yearly regional shows. Clubs will be published in each Journal and will be also listed on the website. Clubs are welcome to provide club’s logo, special events, meetings, marts, and your website information for publication.
Annually NFSS will print show results in the NFSS Journal and place on our website the following year. MAKE YOUR SELECTION BELOW
Division Set (Top 10 Rosettes & 1 Best Unflighted) $44.50

Judges Special Ribbon $4.50

Youth Special Ribbon $4.50

Novice Special Ribbon $4.50

Unflighted 2nd Place each $4.50

Unflighted 3rd Place each $4.50

1st in Section each $2.55

2nd in Section each $2.55

3rd in Section each $2.55

Section Set (Set of 33) 1st , 2nd, & 3rd $85.00

1st in Class (25 each) $ 11.50

2nd in Class (25 each) $11.50

3rd in Class (25 each) $11.50

Class Ribbon Set (25 of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd) $34.50
INDIVIDUAL PLAQUES $28.00ea Plaques are shipped direct from supplier. Note: All S/H includes priority mail with confirmation, tracking and insurance. MAKE YOUR SELECTION BELOW 1 plaque shipping cost is 9.00

Individual Plaque - Best in Show

Best Novice Plaque

Best in Division

2nd in Division
MULTIPLE PLAQUESMAKE YOUR SELECTION BELOW 2 or more plaques shipping cost is 13.00

Multiple Plaques - Division 1st, 2nd - each

Multiple Plaques - Division 1st, 2nd and 3rd - each

Multiple Plaques - Best in Division and Best Novice

Bundle A includes:

Division Set; 1 Judges and 1 Novice

Bundle B includes:

Division Set; Section Set; Class Set; 1 Judges; 1 Novice; 1 Youth; 1 Best in Show Plaque.*

Bundle C includes:

Division Set; Section Set; 1 Judges; 1 Novice; 1 Youth; 1 Best in Show Plaque*