Gouldians For Sale in Central Ohio – 10/21/18

Gouldians For Sale in Central Ohio – 10/21/18
After 10+ years I am ready to sell my entire collection.
Gouldian inventory:
3 proven breeding pairs, eleven juveniles (including two yellow backs) and two adult males in full plumage.
Nineteen (19) Gouldians for $1,000, plus equipment and cages. (If you want only the birds, they are still $1,000)
18x18x30 cage, several wooden nest boxes, feeders, etc.
Would prefer to sell all together, but if piecemeal, the young stock must go first.
Cage and equipment goes after or with the breeding stock.
Price will increase when juveniles color up and are sexed.
Contact: Virg@kagres.org
  Phone:  (740) -587-7758  (Please leave message on machine, all calls are screened